Smash the Skatriarchy, Volume 2

Volume 2 of Smash the Skatriarchy was entirely created during a winter spent in Gothenburg, Sweden.
This massive 52 page project contains the following:
-Thoughts on Race in Sweden
-Inclusivity in the Skate Scene
-Implicit Bias
-On Hosting an Asylum Seeker
-Sweden’s Skateboard Organization
-No Limits
-Let Men Cry, article and photos by Melissa Zabihi
-Art submitted by Samuel Mattson
-And interviews with skaters of all ages and genders, as well as two women who do aggressive inline skating

This volume has not yet been updated for release in the US. A limited number of bound copies were sold at a zine release party at the Swedish Skateboard Federation in Gothenburg, with the remaining copies distributed by the Sverige Skateboard Forbund.

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