Smash the Skatriarchy Volume 3, in conjunction with Team Indigenous Juniors and M. Martinez Photography, is featured on OPB Art Beat! Release Date is Indigenous People’s Day, October 11th, 2021. Check it out!

StS is all about increasing equity and inclusion in the skate scene. Physical zines cost money to create, so in an effort to lower the barrier to access, all zines are available online to read for free. If you do happen to want to donate money, that’s awesome. StS redistributes donations to organizations that do direct equity work. Some organizations I’m currently sending money to include Central Oregon Skate Share and Don’t Shoot Portland. You are also encouraged to donate directly to Team Indigenous Juniors. Their Venmo is @Team-Indigenous
Paypal: paypal.me/abpuffin
Venmo: @smashtheskatriarchy

Click on a zine for links to purchase or read online. Enjoy!

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