June 1st Info:

Everything sucks right now. To maybe help your life suck a little less, digital versions of all my zines are available for free.

Everything also sucks for small businesses. If you have the cash to spend, please consider buying physical zines from Microcosm Publishing. You’ll have something to hold in your hands, and they’ll have something to pay bills with.

If you happen to want to donate money for reading any of these zines online, that money will go straight to Don’t Shoot PDX to help fight structural racism in the US. Covid-19 relief organizations I have sent money to in the past few months include Navajo Nation Department of Health and United Farm Workers Union (to buy masks for agricultural workers).
Paypal: paypal.me/abpuffin
Venmo: @smashtheskatriarchy

Click on a zine for a link to the pdf or directly to its page at Microcosm. Enjoy!

Smash the Skatriarchy, Volume 2: Sweden

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